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Developing math skills naturally

Interactive visual app for high school math designed to make students think and ask

200 activities for high-school math curriculum enhancement.

  • Introductory lesson
    Demonstration of Techambition on sine function problem.
  • (a+b)²
    Figuring out why a²+2ab+b² is equal to (a+b)².
  • Surface of cylinder
    Deriving of the formula for surface of cylinder.
  • Linear equation
    Meaning of solution of linear equations.
  • Start to linear functions
    Meaning of a in the function y = ax.
  • Conic sections
    How conic sections occurs and how they differs.
  • Correlation
    Understanding of Pearson’s correlation coefficient.
  • Basics of derivatives
    Principles of derivatives as simple as they come.

How it works?

1. Pick any of 200 activites

Choose from the unique set of visual high-school math problems that makes students think and ask.

2. Choose your goal

You can assign individual tasks or have your students collaborate according to various scenarios.

3. See how learning happens

Techambition will show you the most problematic principles, important statistics and automatically suggest what to do next.

4. Build on students results

Set up a discussion in automatically created groups, provide explanation using visualizations or ask specific students to help others.

Techambition will assist you in and outside your classroom.

In-class teaching

You just need a computer and projector in your classroom even for collaborative activities. You can also use shared devices or 1:1 setup and get the most out of computer analysis of your students.


Half of all students complete tasks using their own mobile devices, whether it's in or outside the classroom. Thanks to automatic hints they can think about math whenever they want.


Don’t settle for mere digitalised results. Techambition will show you how to build on those results, recommend visualizations for your explanation, design functional groups for collaboration and more.

Build on academic research.

Techambition is not just a tool that can provide you with insights into your students’ performance and save plenty of your time, but most of all it creates a better learning experience for your students.

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